About Us

The Infinity is developed by JENRA Group of Companies, a leading homegrown developer, which brought essential retail, dining, and medical services in Central Luzon.

This new venture is another development geared to strengthening the business landscape in the region.

Through AC Beautiful Island Realty Development Corporation (ACBI), the real estate arm of the JENRA Group of Companies, this iconic flagship project is set to be the first and largest Central Business District (CBD) in Central Luzon.

Soon to be an economic zone, The Infinity will be registered with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) so businesses locating there will enjoy benefits like income tax holiday, five percent tax on gross income, exemption from national and local taxes VAT zero rating for local purchases, and exemption from expanded withholding tax.

The Infinity is envisioned to become the center of commerce not just in Pampanga but for the whole region. The business hub will house state-of-the-art office buildings, specialty malls, new retail concepts, a unique dining complex, international schools, serviced apartments, events pavilion, and even residential condos in the future.

The Infinity Origin

The project takes the shape of a number eight (8) when viewed from above but more than the form of the property, The Infinity is named as such because of the infinite possibilities that it represents. It offers boundless potential for all its locators in varying sectors. Trade and industry, employment opportunities and lifelong partnerships, all of these and more integrated in a vibrant community.

Streets and thoroughfares at The Infinity are named after bodies of water because it is through these bodies of water that early civilizations thrived. “The rivers, oceans, and seas became the nautical highways of early trade and culture. For our ancestors, water symbolized life, new discoveries, continuity, wealth and a wide horizon of infinite possibilities,” said Byron Tan Siy, Spokesperson of the JENRA GROUP of Companies.

The Pacific Drive

The Pacific Drive is a 290-meter four-lane lighted road that forms part of the modern road network at The Infinity. It will serve as an alternative access point to and from Barangay Balibago going to Magalang town and the NLEX toll exit.

Likewise, motorists going to the city hall or Marquee Mall can now enjoy The Infinity’s Atlantic Drive. These alternate routes are directly intersected with each other therefore easing the traffic in the area.

Designed to be the center of hustle and bustle in the region, world-class establishments encompassing the most important real estate segments in the country will soon stand at The Infinity. It will follow the LIVE-WORK-PLAY concept that offers high-end structures for residential, business, commercial, recreational and even educational and medical buildings.

The Shoppes

Accessible. Dynamic. Alive.

The Shoppes is a retail landscape located inside The Infinity. It is a sprawling commercial strip that will satisfy Central Luzon’s shopping and dining needs. Highlighting a relaxed and nature-inspired atmosphere, The Shoppes will offer a diverse selection of specialty boutiques, restaurants, and service establishments.

Touted to become the most accessible leisure destination in the region, everyone is looking forward to the exciting possibilities to be experienced at The Infinity.